Phlebotomy shouldn't be an inconvenience. It's our mission to make it as comfortable, secure, and personal as possible.

About Complete Labs

Providing high quality, efficient, and cost-effective Phlebotomy service.

We understand that getting to a clinic or a lab can sometimes be challenging due to various constraints such as time, mobility, or simply comfort. That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to making this critical health service as convenient, comfortable, and patient-centered as possible.


Our team of highly trained, compassionate phlebotomists not only offer professional blood draw services but also provide personal care with an unrivaled commitment to patient comfort and safety.


Our mobile service is designed to meet the needs of individuals, families, or groups requiring routine tests, health screenings, or specialized laboratory services right at their homes or workplaces.

We bring the lab to you, at your pace and at your place. This is more than phlebotomy – it's healthcare humanized.